Dubai pubs and bars closed till end of February under new COVID-19 restrictions
Entertainment and sports venues will also be at reduced capacity for the month, with restaurants and cafes closing by 1:00 AM in response to rising violations in preventative measures, according to a new directive
Saudi Arabia suspends all flights for one week
All international flights have been postponed due to this new strain of coronavirus
Louis Vuitton unveils US$500 facemask and bandana set
LV is cashing in on coronavirus accessories with a matching fashion set
UAE is using dogs to sniff out COVID-19 in Sharjah
It’s a non-invasive (and cute way) to detect the coronavirus in passengers
It’s 2020 and this Dubai restaurant is called ‘The Pangolin’
Pangolins have a bad rep in 2020. Props to restauranteur Sergio Lopez for championing their cause
This UAE hotel is offering in-house COVID screening for guests
Service will be available across three hotels across Dubai