The male earring is back. Embrace it.
A different kind of hoop dreams
Balenciaga’s new ‘soccer’ sneaker are meant to be worn off the pitch
The sneakers come in a fluorescent shade of ‘Fluo Yellow’
Adidas x Prada has made one heck of a sailing shoes .
Both brands have joined forces for the A+P LUNA ROSSA 21 Silhouette
Adidas just released a US$1 million sneaker
That’s US$500,000 per foot (for those counting)
Introducing the Vegan sneaker that's a big hit with celebrities
Yatay's unisex sneakers look good and help promote a greener world
Virgil Abloh and Jacob & Co. create a bejeweled paper clip ‘necklace’
Part of their ‘office supplies’ collection, the necklace is made from 18k gold and diamonds
What is with Louis Vuitton’s monogram ‘pillow boot’?
LV’s new shoes are like an expensive down jacket for your feet
This Balenciaga lunchbox costs as much as a year’s lunches
A year’s worth of lunches? Or a single plastic lunchbox? You decide
Louis Vuitton (RED) sneakers help raise money for AIDS fund
The sneakers have dropped on World AIDS Day
Rimowa unveils first non-travel-based collection
Because there’s not a huge number of people looking for travel luggage at the moment
You can’t wear Balenciaga’s new US$5,750 sneakers
You’ll be hard-pressed to squeeze into these limited edition kicks
Puma dusts off new NES-themed sneakers
Puma is helping Nintendo celebrate 35-years of its moustachioed plumber